“Ifemi” – New Music by Tolu ft. Don Jazzy

We all remember our darling Tolu the sweetheart of many girls who followed the airing of MTN Project Fame West Africa season 3 closely.


Tolu is now an Alyhills Records artist and he has teamed up with Don Jazzy to present a brand new song titled ‘Ifemi’, produced by Babyfresh.


A massive follow up to his last single, according to Tolu, his grandma used to sing this to him as a child and this inspired love and warmth, which is the feeling you’ll get when you listen to ‘Ifemi’.


This is an addictive tune that will get you humming and dancing all week long.


Download and listen to “Ifemi” here http://static.pulse.ng/media/4142950--7761/Tolu%20ft%20Don%20Jazzy%20-%20Ife%20Mi.mp3?download=true

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