About Us


9jadiaspora is the unique portal for connecting Nigerians globally. Our objective is to provide a platform rich in content and diversity that satisfies the daily information needs of Nigerians in diaspora.


9jadiaspora provides a forum for likeminded people to share and exchange ideas, collaborate, get advice and mentor each other. We will encourage and foster relationships among Nigerian businesses, allowing us to do more business with each other and promoting Nigerian businesses to Nigerian households.


9jadiaspora will showcase the success of Nigerians in diaspora, neutralising all the negative images and publicity Nigerians meet around the world. We want to celebrate our successes and highlight role models for the young generations of Nigerians in diaspora that are abound in many countries around the world.


Nigerians in diaspora will find information about doing business in Nigeria - investing, banking, insurance, buying properties, purchasing stocks, finding a job and addresses of government agencies.


As part of our services, we will be providing pertinent information to Nigerian visitors, students and new settlers in diaspora, allowing them to enjoy their visit, studies or settle down quickly and avail themselves of all the necessary things to make without falling foul of the law of the land.


Nigerians at home also get the opportunity to find information about studying abroad, immigration rules, public health care services and a forum to engage Nigerians in diaspora in business relationships.


In essence, we will be the daily companion for every Nigerian in diaspora.



One Central Hub, connecting Nigerians globally

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