Are you an Entrepreneur?


In order for one to go down the path of becoming an entrepreneur, one needs to understand what the word on ‘’entrepreneur’’ means.  Professor Howard Stevenson from the Harvard Business School gives an all round definition of what entrepreneurship means, stating, “Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled”.  Understanding then that it is a pursuit of an opportunity either given or found, one needs to ensure that the qualities needed to survive are obtained. Should you go to any website to find what qualities are needed, there will be a multitude of it but truncating such lists will enable us to find the qualities that are considered critical and important to starting.



First and foremost, confidence is needed in oneself, but confidence doesn’t mean that one needs to be complacent. Remember, being an entrepreneur is like being on a learning curve; you need to always see the need to learn every day.


Secondly, passion and purpose is needed. Without these two qualities then ones business, or supposed business, has failed from the start. With such qualities, creativity is needed. This ensures that one is not able to understand their intended parties but also to find ways to appeal to them. And with all that, be willing to reinvent yourself from time to time, remembering that you are not going to be the only business offering your services.


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