The best thing about Nigeria is...

Nigerians often complain about the negative portrayal of their country in the international media which often focuses on corruption and violence.


So the BBC asked residents of the commercial capital, Lagos, what they thought was best about living in Africa's most populous nation and what they wanted the rest of the world to know about Nigeria.


Here are some of the citizens’ views.


Paul Oseh, graphic designer:

"The greatest thing I think about we Nigerians is that we are wonderful people. We are so resourceful despite challenges that comes our way and the political tussle for power. In one nutshell Nigeria is a wonderful place, we're creative and imaginative".



Nigerians are problem-solvers


Damian Nzeka, teacher:

"It's not really a peaceful country but we bless the name of God because we're still here today. When we are positive with our minds we work something good out. We want things to go well for us, we can't run away from our home; this is our land we have to make it work".



Donatus Ezeji, IT specialist:

"We are special because if you look at Nigeria - each time we have problem, we usually solve it at the last minute - we have been avoiding crisis. When we get to that point, we always sort it out - instead of going to war or something like that".



Nigerians are hard workers


Orji Micah, builder:

"The Nigerian people are industrious, they work hard, they're not lazy - and they can endure whatsoever hardship, they can survive it any place".