Cancer – How it Affects Us All

Angelina Jolie-Pitt announced via her article on the NY Times that she recently had her Fallopian Tubes and Ovaries removed as a preventive measure against the risks of cancer. This is a woman who, two years ago, had a double mastectomy again, as a preventive cause. Angelina lost her mother, grandmother and aunt to cancer. A history that she doesn’t want to have repeated. As a result of the faulty gene BRCA-1 that is passed on (likely), it runs in her family, the risks of her having cancer is high. But like many women out there perhaps going through this, Angelina was and has been ensuring that she takes preventive measures that will reduce the chances of the cancer from appearing.


Nonetheless, there might be many women out there who are not aware that they might be carriers of this faulty gene BRCA-1 or still, be at risk of developing cancer as a result of not doing the necessary check-ups required. And for most of them, by the time this is detected, it might already be too late.  So that means, we all need to start doing something. Angelina Jolie-Pitt said the reason why she is sharing her experiences is because ‘Knowledge is Power’. Power in what way? Well, once you are aware of the risks that you are prone to, the power is in your hand to do something about it.


The number of people and especially women dying from cancer all around the world has greatly increased. Despite the medical advancements out there, that number keeps rising. There is no known cure that can get rid of cancer in an instant, but there are measures that are taken to help us deal with them. But to be able to benefit from these measures, we all have to be aware of our bodies. Be aware of what is going on inside.


As an African woman, who spent a few years living in Africa, cancer and what to do to check yourself was never something you heard about. There was hardly, if at all, any spokesperson for this issue. Cancer affects us all. It’s around us, people we know, people we might not know are out there going through this difficult issue, and we are still affected. Why? This is because, we feel for them. Many of them are mothers, daughters, wives, husbands, brothers, sisters and so much more, to think that they have to go through that, our hearts go out to them.


Angelina Jolie-Pitt is a brave woman who has made decisions, hard decisions to ensure that she is at little risk as possible. Doing all she can now, so that, in her own words ‘I know my children will never have to say, 'Mom died of ovarian cancer'. There are many options out there that one can take, and she took what was best for her with Medical advice. If you are reading this article and perhaps going through this same journey or you know someone who is, please consider all options. Choose what you feel is best for you not because a celebrity had that procedure done.


Cancer affects us all….but to limit the risks, please let us all take measures that will ensure that something is done now, and not when it is almost too late. Like Angelina, we need people out there to understand their journey, to give others that are going through the same thing, some comfort and encouragement, knowing that they are not alone. Africans, we rarely get that. But that can change…that should change. Remember, Cancer is a threat that is not discriminatory, that has no prejudice….it Affects us all. 



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