What is DHSS?  - As the British system is ever changing, what used to be known as DHSS is no longer known as that but was renamed DSS. This is now known, as the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions).


Having established that change, what then, is the Department for Work and Pensions, and what do they do?


The DWP, as they are commonly known, is responsible for welfare and pension policy in England. They encourage people to work; encourage those who are disabled and with ill health to work and be independent; provide a decent income for people who are at their pension age and much more.



They provide service in a number of ways, for example:


  • Jobcentre Plus – dealing with benefits for people who are unemployed and unable to work because of health conditions or disability. To contact Jobcentre Plus: This depends on the help that you will need.



          Telephone: 0845 6060 234         



           Telephone: 0845 055 6688


  • You can also claim Job seeker’s allowance online.



  • To make an appointment (either cancel or change)


          Telephone: 0845 604 3719


  • The Pension Service - this provides pensions, benefits and retirement information for current and future pensioners in the UK and abroad.


                     For More information click here: Pensions Information


  • The child maintenance service - This is support that helps towards a child’s everyday living costs when the parents have separated.


                     For more information click here: Child Maintenance Service