Rights at work

Rights at work:

What happens when you find a job? The next thing on most people’s mind is how much are they getting paid and when their holiday starts. Although that is perhaps the main thing on most people’s minds, we all have to be aware of the fact that we do have rights and being aware ensures that one’s employer is not able to take advantage and exploit. IN the United Kingdom, the rights of employers are taken very seriously and if an employer is found in breach of those laws then they are held liable. However, in terms of what rights an individual has all depends on two things; first, your “Statutory Rights” and secondly, your “contract of employment”.


Statutory Rights are legal rights based on laws passed by the British Parliament (everyone who resides in the United Kingdom is protected by these laws, provided they have their legal stay).


The contract of employment is the agreement made between the employer and the employee. This can either be a written form of agreement (the best form of agreement) or a verbal agreement based on what has been agreed by both parties.


And should there be a problem at work and your rights are not being exercised, rather than going to a Lawyer which is usually expensive, there are agencies which have been set up by the government to help out, and one of them is the Citizens Advice Bureau.  And if you are not satisfied with whatever advice has been given, you can contact your local MP.


Basic Rights to be aware of:


  • Rights at work
  • Contract stating terms and conditions of your employment
  • Wages
  • Holidays – you are entitled to them
  • Sickness
  • Bullying
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Trade unions
  • Notice of dismissal