The United Kingdom has a very good transport network especially the roads system. The idea is to get you from your starting point to your final destination. For most of you, that is, those who are visiting the United Kingdom for the first time, the road system would vary greatly from the road networks system in your country. Nonetheless, the network system in the United Kingdom has been designed to ensure that your journey from point A to B is easy and comfortable for each person. And also, easily accessible regardless of what means of transport that you choose to use.


For Road transports, there are a number of different means that you can use to travel about the country right from the Airport to any local destinations.


From the Airport: Right from the airport that you arrive at, there is access to bus terminals which have a number of buses going to different destinations. Before boarding any of these buses, ensure that you know where you are going to, that is, your destination, and that one of the buses is going to the right destination. If you are not sure, do not hesitate to ask for help from the information desk. From the Airport, you can also choose to board a Taxi. However, it is advised that you ensure that these Taxis are registered.


Driving in the United Kingdom is easy to do. First, ensure that if you are visiting, you have an International Driving License (Only Valid for a Year). This would ensure that you have no problem with the Authorities. But if you are choosing to Migrate to the United Kingdom, Driving on British roads is made easy if you take your Driving Test, driving licences may be obtained by any UK resident over the age of 17, subject to certain conditions. Initially, a provisional licence is issued, which restricts the holder to driving whilst accompanied by a driver who is at least 21 years old, who has held a full licence in the category of vehicle they are supervising the learner driver in for at least three years, and does not allow the provisional licence holder to drive on motorways. The provisional licence may be exchanged for a full licence after the holder has passed the United Kingdom driving test. On reaching the age of 70, drivers may apply to have their licences renewed with their doctors' permission.


After obtaining your driver’s license, you want to know how the roads work. In the UK, vehicles drive on the left and on multi-lane carriageways drivers are expected to keep to the left lane except when overtaking. In Great Britain, the Highway Code applies to drivers. For the speed limit, pay attention to the road traffic signs, as this differ from road to road.


For buses, these are looked after by Transport for London (TFL), and are very well connected to every location that you might choose to go to. But for destinations outside of London, there are transport companies that look after these. National Express is a coach company that also deals with coaches that takes you to destinations outside London.