Runaway Bride? Fully dressed in her wedding garb, roaming The Palms Mall

A bride going by her wedding dress, was spotted roaming around in the Palms cinema, Lekki.


According to eyewitnesses, she said she is avoiding her wedding...We can’t begin to imagine what might have gone wrong at her wedding.

We don't think it's a stunt because several twitter users also saw her there for long with no cameras.


The speculations are that she was left at the altar by a groom who didn't show up, others said she said she ran from her wedding.


Some even said they saw her buying kitchen knives while others claimed that she was just roaming around the mall.


A LIB reader chatted her up and even took photos with her but no one really knows the true story behind her presence in the mall, wearing her wedding dress.







Source: Vwovwe Egbo (Pulse

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