UK jails 53 Nigerians for fraud in six months

Fifty three Nigerian fraudsters were jailed in the United Kingdom within six months for various offences, a new study has shown.


The study which covers October 2013 and March 2014, shows Nigerian fraudsters taking the silver medal, after Romanians, in the fraud category.


Romanians are also tops in theft and robbery crimes, making them lead the league table of foreign inmates jailed in Britain, figures from the British Ministry of Justice reveal. Overall, British nationalities committed the greatest crimes, with about 34,168 jailed during the period, out of 39,773.



Charles Ukachukwu Imoh: jailed four years in the UK. Photo : Mail Online


Measured against the population of the foreign nationalities in the UK, Poland, which has the largest population of 617,000 in the UK, ranks high in the table, with 573 people imprisoned.


It comes second to Romania, which saw 760 of its 126,000 population incarcerated.


It means Romanians are more than six times as likely as Poles to end up in jail, and eight times as likely as Britons.


Overall, the most likely foreigners to be imprisoned were Vietnamese and Albanians – with more than one per cent of their respective populations in Britain (10,000 and 11,000) jailed in that time.


*Originally reported by Mail Online




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