Visiting Visa

Obtaining a visa depends on the individual’s nationality and the reason he/she wants to come into the UK. If you’re someone who owns a British Passport or any other country in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, a visa is not required.

To apply for a visa for any relative, they would have to be living outside of the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man (this also applies to any individual that might be considering obtaining a visa to the UK).

To apply, it is advised by the UKBA that you read their web pages to find out what immigration category you will fall under. The link of which has been provided below.


When applying for a visa, ensure that this is done well in advance before your intended travel.

If your country falls under the category for which the visa4UK system can be used, UKBA advises that this be used to apply for your visa online. However, should your country not fall under this category, then a paper application is what will be used. 



Many people feel that filling the visa application is hard and then go on to independent companies who claim to guarantee you a UK visa for a fee. The UK government has nothing to do with these companies and advises you not to deal with them. REMEMBER: even if someone else completes your application for you, YOU are responsible for that application.