When will celebrities realise that sometimes…..too much is just, well…TOO MUCH!!

This week, Kanye West released a few naked pictures of his wife, Kim Kardashian West to celebrate the fact that she now has over 30million followers on Twitter. I’m sorry what?!! My reaction when I saw this on my timeline, I laughed. It’s ridiculous. First and foremost, Kanye West is married to this woman and should at least try and respect the fact that she is married (even though she and her family don’t). I like Kanye, actually…I LOOOOOVEE Kanye. You might wonder at this point “what is the point of this story?” The point is, I am a tad bit disappointed.


Kanye loves Kim and everyone who cares out there knows this. Everyone knows that Kim has an amazing body and isn’t afraid to flaunt it (recent Love Magazine articles prove this). But my point is this, why not, that is Kanye, why not be the sensible one in the relationship who actually cares about the dignity of his wife. It is ridiculous to see the beauty or the sense in thinking that naked pictures of your wife being released to celebrate your wife’s “twitter milestone” is plausible. No matter how much I love Kanye, sometimes, too much is just…well, too much.


Celebrities are public figures and at the same time, they are role models whether they asked to be or not. They just are. They are out there to make people laugh, entertain us, in a way we pay them to. They have the talents to do the very things that they do. Some their bodies, some their voices, some their hands, but when you have to stoop low to reveal too much to celebrate what we “sensible” people view as a complete shmuck, then you have a serious problem.


A few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian West celebrated her ever glorious “Instagram momentum of 26milion followers” with an almost naked picture. Mind you, this was a picture that she had saved apparently for this moment. Are you beginning to see my point? Yes we will always expect this of Kim, but sometimes someone needs to help her to have that self-respect she clearly lacks and that should be her husband. But he seems “lucky to have” a very beautiful wife. Yes she is beautiful, and so is Kate Middleton and so is many other women out there whom their husbands find overly sexy and attractive. But you don’t see them exposing their wives (even though the wives might do this).


Yes Kim Kardashian West makes her money, most of her money, by selling her body, but that shouldn’t be used to celebrate having millions of followers. It’s disgusting and downright stupid. There are some things that ought to be left in their own places. For example, in magazines. Kanye we love you….but that was just downright not needed.



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