Your obligations

Every individual in any country has an obligation to the state and the government to ensure that the society functions properly. The question that raises then is what obligations do individuals have to the society?

  • Firstly, being a good citizen. You cannot expect the government to treat you well if you don’t uphold your own end of the ‘’contract’’.
  • Secondly, taxes should be paid. A good citizen sees the importance of paying taxes irrespective of whatever job they do.  There are different taxes that have to be paid, for example, Income tax, National Insurance tax, Road tax, and so on. (For a list of all the taxes that are to be paid by individuals or businesses, click on the link below).
  • And also remember to be a good Nigerian. To be a good Nigerian gives the whole Nigerian society a good image.


If in doubt about what your rights entail in regards to work, being a consumer and what to do in terms of upholding your obligations as a member of society, ask questions.