Yvonne Nelson Is In Love Again, This Time With Another Nigerian [PICTURED]

Popular Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson is in the news again, and this time she remains under the spotlight of love – where she constantly appears, even more than movie sets.

After having gone through previous relationships, direct and indirect, with two Nigerian acts, one can wonder what the Ghanaian beauty has for Nigerians as opposed to the guys from her own country.

News have it that Yvonne is back in the arms of another Nigerian, ALEX EKUBO, whom she describes as a “Hottie” and even when further to describe herself as a secondary virgin.

According to her Instagram post which she wrote after having been in bed with Alex on a movie set:

”In bed…onset…with this hotttttie . Why am I still Single? virgin!”

Sources reveal that both actors may be nurturing a relationship as they have a thing for each other. Where this eventually leads, we don’t know. But we hope for the best.

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