Living a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is one that focuses on incorporating the eight aspects of wellbeing into one’s life (emotional, environmental, financial, intellectual, occupational, physical, social and spiritual). Why is it important? Not only is health important to a person at the individual level, but also it contributes to the advancement of society if more people are performing closer to their fullest potential.



Today, there are a lot of concerns over living healthy lifestyles and tons of information sent out every day to help people live healthier lives. How then can you as an individual live a life that is considered healthy, especially in regards to those of African origins? Aside from the information that we will direct you to, a brief guide will be mentioned below on how to help oneself on a daily basis.


10 Brief Guides on Living a Healthy Lifestyle


  • Get enough sleep – 8 hours is recommended for the Average Adult. Your body is able to rest                                 and your memory functions a lot better when you have gotten enough sleep.


  • Stretch in the Morning - This might seem like such a strange tip, but, it’s amazing and definitely    works! You stretch your back, legs and your neck which helps blood flow to your muscles providing an extra shot of energy and helps you prepare for a new day.


  • Drink a Glass of Water in the Morning


  • Snack on Healthy things -  Choose raw nuts, fresh fruits or berries which are rich in Vitamins and Minerals


  • Eat Breakfast in the morning – This is the most important meal of the day…think about it…you go a whole night which for most of you is 8 hours without eating….yikes!!


  • Take Daily Walks – Don’t let your busy lifestyle prevent you from taking the cheapest and most effective way of getting your heart working.


  • Make Social Connections - You need this to help yourself laugh and prevent depression from happening.


  • Quit Smoking


  • Love Your Life!


  • No Late Eating


These are just some BASIC tips….your lifestyle and how healthy it is, all falls down to you as an individual!